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If you need more information; about any of the consultation services we offer, about Fire Risk Assessments, our Fire Training courses, or you just need an estimate of cost, then please do not hesitate to contact us:-

Office Telephone: 01623 824862
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Or here on our: Contact Form

We are Fire Safety Consultants, based in Nottinghamshire (UK) providing fire safety consultation services locally in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, and Leicestershire, as well as the rest of the UK.  Our staff consist of experienced, ex UK fire service, Fire Safety Officers.  Without exception our Fire Risk Assessors have worked in the Fire Safety Department of Local Authority Fire Brigades.  We provide an independent, comprehensive, and professional service, at cost effective prices, our services include delivery of all levels of fire training, including induction fire training, fire safety awareness and fire marshal training.

Very importantly we provide a ‘complimentary client support system’.
We will provide references and detailed proofs of competency to any legitimate enquiry.

It is our aim to continually develop this web site to try and create a ‘first stop shop’ for people and businesses needing further information surrounding Fire related issues, Fire Safety Legislation and Guidance.

We specialize in providing:

Fire Risk Assessments

We can undertake your Fire Risk Assessment, including any reviews of existing assessments.  It is a legal requirement in the United Kingdom under the Regulatory Reform (fire safety) Order 2005, that a Fire Risk Assessment is undertaken at all places of where people are employed.  We can provide that documentation. read more

  • If you need some expert advice on choosing a competent ‘Fire Risk Assessor’: follow this link
  • Read about some prosecutions for Fire Safety Breaches: follow this link
  • Read about a ‘Fire Risk Assessor’ being given a jail sentence: follow this link
  • Read about the ‘Top 25 Expensive Fines for Fire Safety Breaches’: follow this link

Fire Training

We can provide all levels and types of Fire Training required by the legislation of the United Kingdom; comprehensive or basic, standard generic or bespoke and delivered either online in our fire safety school portal or at your business premises: read more


if you are a Company Director or Senior Manager in a company, then follow the link for more details of our free Fire Training Course and how to enrol : here

Fire Insurance Risk Reduction

On behalf of the insurance industry.  We have a great deal of experience in the approaches and rationale needed to reduce the risk of fire and consequential financial risks to the insurance industry.
We provide comprehensive reports, guidance and recommendations for insurance and fire safety managers to reduce fire risks.  e.g. Large and complicated buildings, ‘high risk’ establishments such as re-cycling and processing plants, engineering works, etc.  read more

Fire Safety Compliance for Property Managers, Landlords and Letting Agents

If you are a Property Manager and that includes many Estate Agent, or you are a Landlord of a property that is: a House in Multiple Occupation or a property being ‘let’, then you have a requirement to undertake a Fire Risk Assessment, under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and the Housing Act.  read more

  • Read more about Landlords & Property Managers being prosecuted: follow this link

Fire Safety Compliance for Licensed Premises

A requirement under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 as well as the requirement to obtain a license from the Local Authority.  read more

Building Plan Consultation Services

Acting as your company representative in all Fire Safety issues in the UK or Abroad.  Acting as the bridge between your company and other agencies such as; your local Fire Service, Architects, Insurance Companies, Building Control Departments both Local Authority and Private.  read more

If you need more information; about any of the consultation services we offer, about our fire training courses, or you just need an estimate of cost, then please do not hesitate to contact us:-

Office Telephone:  01623 824862
Mobile Telephone:  07976 890124
Or here on ourcontact form

We are currently offering a free Fire Safety Course designed for Company Directors and Senior Managers, if you wish to enrol on the course please follow the link in the next paragraph for more details of the course and how to enrol:


If you are a director or a senior manager of a company then use your company email address to register for our free Fire Training Course.  Just follow this link to get details of how to enrol:  read more

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Fire Risk Assessments

It is a legal requirement in the United Kingdom that a Fire Risk Assessment is undertaken at all places where people are employed and where the public have access. We can provide that Fire Safety Risk Assessment and all required and support documentation.

Having worked in the British Fire & Rescue Service, our staff are fully experienced in the audit requirements of the Fire Service and legal requirements of the ‘Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005‘ [RR(FS)O]. Additionally, we have more than 12 years’ experience in the production of ‘Fire Safety Risk Assessments’ in the private sector, for all types of workplace. Our scope of experience in the production of Fire Safety Risk Assessments includes; Private Rented properties, Residential Care Homes, Small and Large Multi-floor Office Suites, Heavy and Light Engineering Works, through to Recycling Plants.

The documentation we provide, is printed, bound and delivered by Royal Mail, and provides you with all the material required to assist in the management of the fire safety requirements of the ‘Regulatory Reform (fire safety) Order 2005’, [RR(FS)O].

Our Fire Safety Risk Assessments are unique in the Fire Safety Industry, they are comprehensive, conforming to all current government and industry standards, they provide all the tools necessary for management of Fire Safety requirements in the workplace.

What makes our documentation unique? Our documentation surpasses the current industry standards, and includes:

  • A full and comprehensive Fire Risk Assessment,  [A legal requirement of the RR(FS)O], printed, bound and posted to your premises by special delivery.  
  • A prioritized list of recommended improvements.  (to assist managers and budget holders to undertake necessary work in an appropriate risk based order).
  • Risk Assessment Review documentation.  (again to assist managers in undertaking a review of the Fire Risk Assessment, [again a legal requirement of the RR(FS)O].
  • Any premises specific Fire Safety policy statements.  [A legal requirement of the RR(FS)O].
  • Test schedules and records.  [A legal requirement of the RR(FS)O].
  • Training schedules and records.  [A legal requirement of the RR(FS)O].
  • Scaled building plans.
  • Bespoke ‘Fire Emergency Action Plans’ laminated and in appropriate numbers for posting throughout your premises.  [A legal requirement of the RR(FS)O].
  • Firefighters information pack for use by ‘firefighters’ should they attend your premises due to a fire or other similar emergency.  [A legal requirement for emergency fire planning in the RR(FS)O].


Fire Safety Legal Requirements in the Workplace

This is an online fire training course, offered free to Company Directors, Senior Managers and Trade Union Representatives.

To register for this course, you will need a company or trade union email address.

This course is offered free to all company Directors, Senior Managers and Trade Union Representatives with a company or trade union email address.
However, if you are a Landlord and manage your premises without a company email address, then please make contact through our ‘contact form’ to get access to this fire training course.

Once you have enroled, you will be able to access all of the course material.
The study material is broken into small Units, that are each summaries of the main Fire Safety Legislation requirements in the UK, you can access any or all areas of the written material in whatever order you wish, and use the material for your own future reference.
This course will undoubtedly save you a considerable amount of time in research, and can be used as a quick online resource to the legislation requirements in the UK.


We make no false claims, the material summarised in this course is freely available, in one form or another [to everyone in the UK] via the internet, in fact if you wish to study the subjects in more detail, we have provided you with web links to much of the material in this course under the heading Additional Research Material, [ARM].

BIG* – The ‘Business Integrity Group’

Phoenix Fire Safety Group, is an active and participating member of:

The ‘Business Integrity Group’

The Business Integrity Group, is a Nottinghamshire based business networking group.  We meet every other Wednesday at Edwinstowe House in the centre of Edwinstowe, Nottinghamshire.

If you have a business and would like to come along as a guest to take part in some business networking or, you are looking for a business that uses ‘integrity’ as a bye-word, then, please contact us by following this link for more details: > Business Integrity Group*

“We promote the very best of business practices with integrity as the basis for all our business dealings and refer business to our members through regular meetings and social events.”

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