A Guide to Choosing a Competent Fire Risk Assessor

Published by the: FIRE RISK ASSESSMENT COMPETENCY COUNCIL, through the Chief Fire Officers Association Web site.  This document gives a wealth of professional advice on the appointment of a competent Fire Risk Assessor.  Please follow the link at the bottom to download their 5 page document in PDF format.


“The Fire Risk Assessment Competency Council is a workstream consisting of the major stakeholders concerned with this aspect of the fire safety Sector.  It works within the wider Fire Sector Federation and has published a set of criteria against which the competency of those undertaking fire risk assessments can be judged.  This guide is intended to be an easy to read introduction to choosing a competent fire risk assessor.”

My comment: Currently, it really is a minefield in the Fire Safety Sector for selecting a ‘Fire Safety Risk Assessor’.  There are companies producing Fire Safety Risk Assessments in complex buildings and life risks for as low as £100 , I have examined some of those fire risk assessments, first hand and they are not worth the paper they are written on.

My best advice is to; read the document published by the FIRE RISK ASSESSMENT COMPETENCY COUNCIL, then seek out a reputable Fire Safety Risk Assessor or company and ask for their qualifications, competencies and experience.
Any reputable company should be able and willing to supply this type of assurance.

Following this link will allow you to download the 5 page PDF file to your computer: <LINK to the document published by the FIRE RISK ASSESSMENT COMPETENCY COUNCIL

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