Fire Risk Assessments

It is a legal requirement in the United Kingdom that a Fire Risk Assessment is undertaken at all places where people are employed and where the public have access. We can provide that Fire Safety Risk Assessment and all required and support documentation.

Having worked in the British Fire & Rescue Service, our staff are fully experienced in the audit requirements of the Fire Service and legal requirements of the ‘Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005‘ [RR(FS)O]. Additionally, we have more than 12 years’ experience in the production of ‘Fire Safety Risk Assessments’ in the private sector, for all types of workplace. Our scope of experience in the production of Fire Safety Risk Assessments includes; Private Rented properties, Residential Care Homes, Small and Large Multi-floor Office Suites, Heavy and Light Engineering Works, through to Recycling Plants.

The documentation we provide, is printed, bound and delivered by Royal Mail, and provides you with all the material required to assist in the management of the fire safety requirements of the ‘Regulatory Reform (fire safety) Order 2005’, [RR(FS)O].

Our Fire Safety Risk Assessments are unique in the Fire Safety Industry, they are comprehensive, conforming to all current government and industry standards, they provide all the tools necessary for management of Fire Safety requirements in the workplace.

What makes our documentation unique? Our documentation surpasses the current industry standards, and includes:

  • A full and comprehensive Fire Risk Assessment,  [A legal requirement of the RR(FS)O], printed, bound and posted to your premises by special delivery.  
  • A prioritized list of recommended improvements.  (to assist managers and budget holders to undertake necessary work in an appropriate risk based order).
  • Risk Assessment Review documentation.  (again to assist managers in undertaking a review of the Fire Risk Assessment, [again a legal requirement of the RR(FS)O].
  • Any premises specific Fire Safety policy statements.  [A legal requirement of the RR(FS)O].
  • Test schedules and records.  [A legal requirement of the RR(FS)O].
  • Training schedules and records.  [A legal requirement of the RR(FS)O].
  • Scaled building plans.
  • Bespoke ‘Fire Emergency Action Plans’ laminated and in appropriate numbers for posting throughout your premises.  [A legal requirement of the RR(FS)O].
  • Firefighters information pack for use by ‘firefighters’ should they attend your premises due to a fire or other similar emergency.  [A legal requirement for emergency fire planning in the RR(FS)O].