Fire Safety Compliance for Licensed Premises

The Fire Safety requirements for Licensed Premises are very similar to any place of work or premises where the public are allowed to enter, with the exception that Licensed Premises are additionally ‘licensed’ by the local authority. Once again a Fire Risk Assessment as to be undertaken for the property, taking into account all of the requirements of a normal ‘Fire Risk Assessment’ as well as additional features found in a licensed premise, such things as:

  • Layout of the furniture, whether fixed [such as built in bench seating, anchored seats and static fixed tables] or movable [such as free moving tables and chairs]. Movable furniture for example may result in a major trip hazard and obstruction in the event of a fire in the property. Fixed furniture being less of a risk.
  • Stock levels of spirit based alcohol can have a profound effect if a fire occurs in a building. Spirit alcohols burn, almost like petrol, so clearly the more spirit alcohol stored is in a premise the greater the risk.
  • ………. and many many more

As well as more normal fire safety issues such as:

  • How many emergency exits and the width of those exits, are provided in a licensed property.
  • The width and number of exit doors as an effect on the number of people that can be evacuated quickly from a particular premise in the event of a fire.
  • ………. and again many many more.

Phoenix Fire Safety Group can provide you with the expertise to undertake a Fire Risk Assessment in your intended or operating licensed premises, and liaise directly with the local licensing authority on your behalf. If you wish to discuss this subject in more detail, just use our normal contact details or through our contact form here: Contact Form

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