Fire Safety Insurance Risk Reduction

Phoenix Fire Safety Group, can reduce the risk of considerable financial losses due to fire for insurance providers, and help reduce your insurance premium costs if you are an insurance purchaser.

We have some considerable experience in working on behalf of the insurance industry.
We have a great deal of experience in the approaches and rationale needed to reduce the risk of fire and consequential financial risks to the insurance industry.
We provide comprehensive Fire Safety reports, guidance and recommendations for insurance and fire safety managers to reduce fire risks in business premises.
For example: Large and complicated buildings, ‘high fire risk’ establishments such as re-cycling and processing plants, engineering works, etc. etc.

Acting on behalf of insurers, we will produce a ‘Fire Safety’ risk analysis and a list of proposal recommendations of the business premise you wish to insure, this can then form part of your conditions in the proposal of insurance policy.
Or, if you are a manager, responsible for procurement of insurance cover we can help reduce your premiums by reducing your fire risk.

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