Fire Training

There is a legal requirement under UK legislation, the ‘Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005‘ [RR(FS)O] to provide; initial and repeated ongoing Fire Training, to people employed in the workplace.  If you are a ‘responsible person’ then you and your company have a legal requirement to deliver that training.

Who needs Fire Training?

1 – Any people newly employed, in any business:

Should, as soon as possible, have initial training in the very basics of what to do in the event of a fire and the evacuation procedures of your business.

This is normally termed: Fire Safety Induction Training.

[this is Level 1 fire safety training]

2 – Then as soon as practically possible after employment:

Staff should undertake additional and adequate fire safety training, and take into account any; risks, roles, or responsibilities for each person.  If a premise has unusual fire risks or procedures then ‘bespoke fire training’ would need to be implemented.

This is normally termed:  Fire Safety Awareness or Fire Awareness Training and should be repeated yearly.

[this is a Level 2 fire safety training]

3 – Selected people from the workforce should be appointed to undertake:

Additional responsibilities and training (again repeated yearly) to a higher level of understanding and proficiency, with regard the risks and control measures associated with fire.  
We recommend, that a ration of between 1 in 10 and 1 in 15 people be appointed and trained as Fire Marshalsdepending on; the complexity, processes, nature of the workplace and shift coverage.

This is normally termed: Fire Marshal Training.

[this is a Level 3 fire safety training] 

Phoenix Fire Safety Group can deliver all of the three levels of Fire Safety Training required.  This will assist you and your company in conforming to the UK legislation that surrounds the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 [RR(FS)O] regarding Fire Safety in the workplace.

If you need some guidance about the legal requirements for fire training then follow this link:  LINK

What makes our Fire Training unique?

Whether; online, delivered at your company premises, generic or bespoke, our training courses are unique:

  • Our fire training packages are assessed with Q&A sessions and certificates of competencies are issued.
  • Fire Safety Induction and Fire Safety Awareness [Level 1 and 2] of our fire training packages are usually delivered through our ‘online training system‘ at our online fire safety school:  online fire safety school.  But if you wish they can be delivered at your company premises.
    • Enroled delegates will have an individually appointed tutor who is available for questions and answer sessions.
    • Delegates will have access to unique additional research material and opinions regarding fire safety matters.
    • Should delegates require additional teaching support due to learning difficulties, then individual support will be provided.
  • Fire Marshal [Level 3] fire training packages are, by necessity, always bespoke and are delivered at your company since there are demonstrations, practical sessions and delegate exercises.
    • Fire extinguishers will be demonstrated and delegates will have ‘hands on’ training in their use.
    • Delegates will have a practical walk through sessions of your premises with ‘fire safety risk recognition’ exercises.
  • Do you have unusual risks in your premises: If your premises have an unusual risk you will undoubtedly need bespoke fire training, or if it is your preference, we can deliver bespoke fire training courses at your premises.

You can enrol yourself or your company staff members into our online classroom here at our; online fire safety school.

Rolling Discounts!

We offer a rolling discount system, if you are considering enroling more than 10 students, please contact us using our; Contact Form.

We are currently offering a free course to Company Directors and Senior Managers follow this link for more details:  free – Fire Training – free