Fire Training

‘Fire Training’ or sometimes called ‘Fire Safety Training’ is a compulsory requirement in the UK under the ‘Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005‘ [RR(FS)O] the overriding fire safety legislation in the UK.

“Employers must provide this ‘Fire Safety Training’ training to their staff members.”

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It is essential, and a requirement of the Fire Safety Legislation, that Fire Safety Training is undertaken for everyone in the workplace.
If you do not provide, repeated Fire Safety Training to an appropriate standard, then, the ‘Responsible Person/s’ may well be prosecuted.

There are four areas of Fire Safety Training needing to be addressed in the workplace:
The 4 areas to be addressed are detailed and listed below [a-d]:

Special Note 1:  It is accepted practice in the Fire Safety Industry that three levels of Fire Safety Training will address all of the 4 areas, they are: Level 1, Level 2. & Level 3. Training.


Newly employed staff members should be given fire safety training in the form of a ‘fire safety induction course‘ at the soonest possible opportunity after employment.
Everyone working in the premises needs to understand the ‘Emergency Action Plan in the Event of Fire’.  They need to be trained in the very basics of fire evacuation as soon as possible when they are employed on the premises of a business or workplace.
In the Fire Safety Industry this is commonly termed:

‘Fire Safety Induction’ training course.  [Level 1 Training]


Again, everyone working on business premises or a place of work, needs to be familiar with the ‘Emergency Action Plan in the Event of Fire’. This can be delivered as a printed policy statement to visiting contractors, a ‘walk and talk’ around the premises, or as a short  ‘Fire Safety Induction’ training course.  This requirement to provide training to outside contractors, is often overlooked, but as a responsible person/s you do have a ‘duty of care’ to everyone using your premises; long term visitors or employees and contractors.
Again, in the Fire Safety Industry this is commonly termed:

‘Fire Safety Induction’ training course.  [Level 1 Training]


Very clearly, staff members who are regularly employed in the workplace are required to have training that equips them with the understanding; how to evacuate the premises and to understand Fire and how to extinguish a fire if necessary.  They should be made aware of the particular risks on the premises and the dangers of those risks.
This is commonly termed:

Fire Safety Awareness’ training course.  [Level 2 Training]


It is a definite requirement of the Legislation, that a proportion of staff members in the workforce are trained to a higher standard of understanding and awareness.
These trained staff members are commonly referred to as ‘Fire Marshals’ or ‘Fire Wardens’.  They should be provided with training to assist in the monitoring of the Fire Safety infrastructure in the workplace.
It is generally accepted that the proportion of Fire Marshals to staff members is between 1:10 or 1:15 depending on; types of fire risks in the property and shift patterns to ensure that they are present in the premises at all periods of the day.
This is generally termed:

‘Fire Marshal or Fire Wardens’ training course.  [Level 3 Training]

Special Note 2:  The Legislation Requires that the training should be provided, such that it addresses any appropriate risks identified in the Fire Safety Risk Assessment.
What this means in effect, is that if you have a workplace that has unusual risks or practices being undertaken in the premises, then more specific training may be required to address the specific risks.  For example, premises having:

  • Unusual processes or materials that are highlighted in the Fire Safety Risk Assessment.
  • Unique or unusual ‘Fire Safety procedures’, e.g. buildings with limited access door access and egress, etc. etc.
  • Peculiar features of the building or business practices, e.g. open plan large premises or mixed-use buildings, etc. etc.
  • High Risk regarding content, flammable materials, or processes, e.g. petroleum use, high temperature processes, high fire load buildings, etc. etc.
  • High life risk or a life risk with peculiar requirements, less able bodied or mentally impaired persons for example, e.g. residential care homes or nursing home, etc. etc.

Very clearly, in these types of buildings or premise, an ‘off the peg, or generic‘ training course is not appropriate and does not fulfill the requirements of the Legislation to address the specific associated risks in a premise.
A bespoke training package addressing these needs would be necessary. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you think you need a bespoke training package, we will be happy to discuss prices and any unusual features of your workplace.

Phoenix Fire Safety Group, can facilitate all 3 levels of ‘Fire Safety Training’ both:
‘Online Training’ through our ‘online training web site at our Fire Safety School’
 ‘Bespoke Training Packages’ for your premise delivered at your workplace.
Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss prices and delivery methods.

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